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Stronger and Healthier Today than Yesterday

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A personal trainer’s role is to challenge you to be better tomorrow than you are today, to provide you with the expertise needed to reach your goals, and to hold you accountable for living up to your full potential. Imagine a relationship with someone who is as committed to your dreams as you are, who stays focused on your big picture even when you can’t, who always tells you the truth about your strengths and weaknesses from an unbiased perspective – someone who celebrates your victories and helps you learn from your setbacks.

Shelley's fun personality will instantly help you to feel comfortable whether you choose group classes, personal training, online classes, or phone consultations. Shelley has been successful for over 25 years providing experienced advice on issues such as nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain, injuries, sports performance, running faster, jumping higher or just plain ole keeping up. This diverse background allows Shelley to relate to clients from all walks of life, from corporate executives to busy housewives to the restless retirees.
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Deep Tissue
Laser Therapy
Shelley provides Deep Tissue Laser Therapy - scientifically proven to reduce pain and inflammation. Treatments are fast, safe, painless and most clients experience results after only a few sessions. Laser therapy generates a photochemical response in damaged tissue by a process called photobiomodulation. This process stimulates healing on a cellular level by enabling cells to more rapidly produce energy.
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